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Over the last few years, Nepali and international colleagues have been collaborating in the development of palliative care services in Nepal. The program continues to move forward amid the considerable social and political difficulties facing Nepal. Although a number of individuals and organizations have been involved, the partnership between the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research and the Nepal Palliative Care Group is described in this paper. This joint effort has been broadly based on the World Health Organization foundation measures for palliative care: governmental policy, upload availability, and education.

Ita Maharjan

Poozana Pradhan

Priyanka Karki

Mamata Pradhan

Given the sexually conservative nature of Nepalese public life, I have been very surprised at the small amount of controversy that the emphasis on condoms in the pubic sphere has created. Although I have heard some criticism, there has generally been a wide acceptance of the saturation of the country with condom billboards. Again, this would seem to suggest that AIDS is understood as a Western disease, and the approaches to combat it (e.g. the media condom campaign) have been suggested by the West, therefore deference is displayed toward the public display of sexuality, even when it violates cultural norms. Given the history of development in Nepal it is not a surprise that the evolving AIDS prevention campaign would be a product of Western development paradigms.

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